Tuesday, February 25, 2014

CTL Educational Games and Simulations Workshop Resources

Thank you all for your interest in our Educational Games and Simulations Workshop. We have prepared a list of resources for you:

Presentations on Gamification by an expert, Sebastian Deterding
A research article on the benefits of playing video games
Gamification Research Network
Notice of Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education meeting  April 9 - 12 2014.

This is a streaming program that can be listened to like a regular podcast, or you can attend the interview in Second Life
CTL Blog posting listing ideas of using games in teaching and recommendations of games

Simulation: Learning English as foreign language through chatting with robot online
The Business Strategy Game: manage a global shoe company.  Marketing, finance, operations, competitive strategy, etc.
Three distinct business simulations of varying difficulty/intensity.  Includes assessment and assurance of learning tools.
Game for Learning Biology
Game for Learning Typography
Clicker games: Ideas and tips
Clicker games: Ideas and tips
Searching for games
Searching for free games and simulations

Shared by Collin Hover, Assistant Professor of Art; Dave Burrow, Associate Professor of History; Brent Clark, Assistant Professor of Business; Michael Granaas, Associate Professor of Psychology; & Weichao Chen & Ryan Los @ CTL.

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