Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Supporting Adjunct Faculty

Learn how to support adjunct faculty at every step and successfully provide for their continued professional development.
Roughly 60 percent of college instruction is adjunct-led, but many colleges fall short in providing adequate resources and training for their adjunct professors. As we depend more and more on adjunct professors, it is essential that colleges look for ways to improve adjunct recruitment, retention, and development.
Join us online to learn some proven approaches to supporting adjunct faculty. From orientation and training to evaluation and retention, our instructor will share tips and advice on how you can improve your institution's relationships with its adjunct faculty members.


  • The vital role of adjunct faculty in institutional and student success
  • Best practices in training and developing adjunct faculty
  • Constructive and impactful evaluation practices
  • Institutional barriers to retaining adjunct faculty


Faculty developers, academic administrators, and those responsible for adjunct faculty support and development will benefit from this webcast.
This webcast will be held in MCT 110 from 12:00-1:30pm Wednesday (2/6/13).

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