Thursday, November 21, 2013

FREE WEBINAR from Inside Higher Ed-- How to Develop Excellent Online Instructors

With the continued growth of online learning has come increased focus on what constitutes best practices in online teaching. The training of online instructors has not kept pace with the demand for excellence in the online environment, however. The result has been poorly constructed courses, high levels of student attrition from online courses, and continued allegations that online education is simply not as rigorous as its face-to-face counterpart.

On December 12 at 2 p.m. EST, Academic Partnerships' Faculty eCommons presents Promoting Excellence Online: How to Develop Excellent Online Instructors, a webinar addressing this problem by presenting, and allowing participants to explore, a phased approach to faculty development along with suggestions and strategies for the development of an effective training approach leading to excellence in online teaching.

This free webinar, hosted by Kenneth C. (Casey) Green of The Campus Computing Project, features a lively conversation with Rena Palloff, Ph.D., owner of Crossroads West, who works with institutions, organizations, and corporations interested in the development of online distance learning and training programs. Dr. Palloff will explore:
  • What makes a successful online instructor?
  • How can excellent instructors be trained and developed?
  • How can faculty become their own trainers/developers to help achieve a goal of excellence in online teaching?
  • How can all of this be done in difficult economic times when funds for faculty development are short?
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About the presenter: Rena Palloff, Ph.D., is the owner of Crossroads West, working with institutions on the development of online distance learning and training programs. Dr. Palloff holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development and a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University, where she is a faculty member. Dr. Palloff is co-author of the 1999 Frandson Award winning bookBuilding Learning Communities in Cyberspace: Effective Strategies for the Online Classroom (Jossey-Bass, 1999), The Excellent Online Instructor: Strategies for Professional Development (Jossey-Bass, 2011), and Lessons from the Virtual Classroom (Jossey-Bass, 2013, 2nd Edition of Lessons from the Cyberspace Classroom) among others. Dr. Palloff is one of the 2012 winners of the Richard Wedemeyer Award for Outstanding Practitioner in Distance Education. She has trained thousands of instructors to teach well online.

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