Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New Book Review!

Edmundson, Mark.  2013.  Why Teach?  In Defense of a Real Education.  New York:  Bloomsbury USA.  222 pages.

This series of essays by Mark Edmundson argues forcefully for the importance of the liberal arts.  Filled with wisdom, wit, and a bit of curmudgery, it provides a highly personal view of what education could, and should be.

The book both fascinated and aggravated me.  Well worth reading, he plays the role of the curmudgeon a little too well, and this tone in the end detracted from many of the interesting points he makes.  He is a wonderful writer, however, and perhaps the book should be read a little at a time (the essays are completely self contained, so this is certainly an option).  The book will be in the library by mid-December.

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